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25 Apr 2017
Miocene sepiids (Cephalopoda, Coleoidea) from Australia
Martin Košt'ák, Andrej Ruman, Ján Schlögl, Natalia Hudáčková, Dirk Fuchs, and Martin Mazuch
Foss. Rec., 20, 159-172, doi:10.5194/fr-20-159-2017, 2017
12 Apr 2017
Problems related to the taxonomic placement of incompletely preserved amber fossils: transfer of the Paleogene liverwort Cylindrocolea dimorpha (Cephaloziellaceae) to the extant Odontoschisma sect. Iwatsukia (Cephaloziaceae)
Kathrin Feldberg, Jiří Váňa, Alfons Schäfer-Verwimp, Michael Krings, Carsten Gröhn, Alexander R. Schmidt, and Jochen Heinrichs
Foss. Rec., 20, 147-157, doi:10.5194/fr-20-147-2017, 2017
24 Mar 2017
The blueprint of the Amphiesmenoptera – Tarachoptera, a new order of insects from Burmese amber (Insecta, Amphiesmenoptera)
Wolfram Mey, Wilfried Wichard, Patrick Müller, and Bo Wang
Foss. Rec., 20, 129-145, doi:10.5194/fr-20-129-2017, 2017
02 Mar 2017
Modeling the physiology of the aquatic temnospondyl Archegosaurus decheni from the early Permian of Germany
Florian Witzmann and Elizabeth Brainerd
Foss. Rec., 20, 105-127, doi:10.5194/fr-20-105-2017, 2017
28 Feb 2017
Neutron imaging investigation of fossil woods: non-destructive characterization of microstructure and detection of in situ changes as occurring in museum cabinets
Giliane P. Odin, Véronique Rouchon, Frédéric Ott, Natalie Malikova, Pierre Levitz, and Laurent J. Michot
Foss. Rec., 20, 95-103, doi:10.5194/fr-20-95-2017, 2017
21 Feb 2017
A re-examination of the enigmatic Russian tetrapod Phreatophasma aenigmaticum and its evolutionary implications
Neil Brocklehurst and Jörg Fröbisch
Foss. Rec., 20, 87-93, doi:10.5194/fr-20-87-2017, 2017
03 Feb 2017
Turtle shell bone and osteoderm histology of Mesozoic and Cenozoic stem-trionychian Adocidae and Nanhsiungchelyidae (Cryptodira: Adocusia) from Central Asia, Mongolia, and North America
Torsten M. Scheyer, Elena V. Syromyatnikova, and Igor G. Danilov
Foss. Rec., 20, 69-85, doi:10.5194/fr-20-69-2017, 2017
31 Jan 2017
The lower actinopterygian fauna from the Lower Carboniferous Albert shale formation of New Brunswick, Canada – a review of previously described taxa and a description of a new genus and species
Kathryn E. Mickle
Foss. Rec., 20, 47-67, doi:10.5194/fr-20-47-2017, 2017
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